Livery Car Mentioned in New Orleans CityBusiness!

Livery Car App Makes a Name in New Orleans

After 30 years of business in New Orleans, Limousine Livery has created a new, on-demand transportation connection we call the Livery Car App.

Safe, reliable, clean, affordable, and now even easier to book, the Livery Car App has made the proven service of Limo Livery available on-demand.

It’s everything you expect from an on-demand car service: reliable, convenient, easy to use but we’ve got the other guys beat.

Need a ride home from Jazz Fest? We’ll get you there.

Know you need a ride to the airport next week? We’ll be ready and waiting.

Take our Livery Car App for a spin, and see for yourself that we know New Orleans.

 For the Full Article from CityBusiness, Read Below:

A local company is launching an on-demand car service that will provide another alternative to public transport and new arrival Uber, the national forerunner in smartphone-based ground transportation.

Aaron Dirks, director of business development for Limousine Livery and Livery Car in New Orleans, said the launch of the company’s Livery Car mobile application provides a local option that’s competitive with what Uber is currently offering in the city. The San Francisco-based technology company began offering its on-demand luxury car service UberBlack and UberSUV in September.

Limousine Livery has operated in New Orleans for 30 years. The company is headquartered in New Orleans and operates in more than 300 cities worldwide.

Dirks said his local fleet includes 70 luxury vehicles. Uber has declined to comment on the number of vehicles providing its services in New Orleans.

Limousine Livery’s mobile app for on-demand car service was long in the works, Dirks said, and the appearance of Uber in the city pushed the company to complete it.

“I think that by offering a service where the owner is locally based allows another layer of regulation,” Dirks said. “If there are any problems, customers know where to direct those complaints. That was definitely an incentive for us to do this.”

Passenger pricing rates will be similar to Uber’s, he said, but will be based on distance. Uber charges for time and distance. For UberBlack, the company charges a base fee of $7 and $3.25 is added per additional mile and 50 cents per additional minute. A minimum fare of $15 is charged for each ride.

UberSUV charges a minimum fare of $25, which includes a base fare of $15 plus an additional $4.50 per mile. Dirks explained that the problem with this model is that the passenger is being charged unnecessarily for waiting in traffic.

Limousine Livery wants to avoid prices surges for times when there is higher demand for its services. The Livery Car app, available now for free in Apple’s App Store, allows users to book rides up to a week in advance.

The company is also offering corporate accounts starting in January.