3 Habits of Successful Limo Companies

How Limo Livery Stays Driven to Improve Luxury Transportation

Our wonderful clients and the cities we serve have taught us a thing or two about what it takes to be successful.  It’s not only about the services we offer, but how we serve our customers. It’s not only about finding great cities, but becoming a part of them. It’s not only about having cool gadgets, but actively working to push technology farther.

3 Habits of Successful Limo Companies

1. Make Lasting Connections

Success in the transportation industry comes from the relationships and connections we make. In a recent article from BizNewOrleans, our Director of Business Development, Aaron Dirks, said that finding a great industry connection can be a lot like finding someone who fits into your family.

“It took us about three years to build what is called an affiliate network,” Dirks explains. “We had to go out and research who the best companies were, and contract with them. So our work is being fulfilled by a local partner, but they look and feel like they are part of our family.”

Lasting connections, whether with another company or your next customer, come from:

  • Staying honest with your intentions
  • Offering solutions to common problems
  • Giving feedback when necessary
  • Making mindful efforts to stay in touch

2. Stay Local in Mindset

It’s important to remember where you came from. As you make connections and extend services to different states, countries and industries, staying true to your roots is a vital component: to your brand image and to your success.

As a New Orleans Limo Company, we’re all about unforgettable experiences and hospitality. Moving forward is a goal, but we like to do so in a way that’s true to our brand—well-executed luxury services, warmhearted team members, and a constant awareness of customer service and feedback. No matter where you are in the world, true success comes from knowing yourself, getting to know your environment and working hard to bring something positive to the people you serve.

3. Think Forward

Push expectations to the side. Be fearless. Be Driven. Don’t simply improve your fleet and services, but push the industry forward with every effort you make. Every moment of every day, we’re driven to improve luxury transportation, making it more accessible and technology driven.

In the words of Aaron Dirks: “We have grown the company rapidly, but it has also been with technology integration and sustainability in mind. We were one of the first sustainable luxury fleet cars in America and we always pride ourselves on being forward-leaning with sustainability and technology.” (BizNewOrleans Feb 2015)

Assess the situations you face on a daily basis. Are there things that could run more smoothly? If yes, fix it. New ideas are always welcome. True progress comes from the efforts of those who work hard. Don’t fear failures. Learn from them. Grow from them.