Wedding Transportation: Be Driven in Style

From Your Grand Entrance to the Big Getaway

There are many moving parts to the perfect wedding: from the intricate details on your wedding cake to the lighting around your sign-in table.  No matter where you are in the wedding planning process, it’s never too early to think about your wedding day transportation.

  • Do we need shuttles for our family staying at the hotel?
  • How many limos do we need for the bridal party?
  • Are there alternative or specialty vehicle options?
  • Do we want to ride separately from our parents?
  • Do we want to arrive in a limo, but leave in a luxury car?
  • Will we need a separate shuttle or SUV to bring guests to the after party?

As it goes with any aspect of planning a wedding, there are an infinite amount of preferences and circumstances that affect your overall decision regarding wedding transportation. We’ve compiled a brief list of steps to help guide you.

A 4 Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding Transportation

1. Figure Out the Logistics First

Talk about your wedding transportation options well in advance, around the same time you’re looking to block hotel rooms. Knowing where, how and how many is critical to avoiding unnecessary stress at the last minute.

2. Keep a Master Guest List / Spreadsheet

Be sure to include a master list of all of your guest information: address, phone number, RSVPs, etc., but include a separate column entitled “Transportation.” This way, when you ask/find out about your guests’ ride situation, you will have a good reference for when you make your calls to transportation companies.

3. Always Ask Questions

Be sure to ask the limousine or wedding transportation company about their wedding package options. Take your time to look at their websites, if they have one. Check out their reviews on Yelp or Trip Advisor or directly on their social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. This is your big day, you should be driven by a company who knows what they’re doing and with whom you feel comfortable.

4. Explore Your Vehicle Preferences 

A very important question you need to ask yourself is: What do you like to drive? Do you like sporty, classic, unique, or timeless cars? Do some research together, or separately, and talk about what kinds of cars you like and how that might play into your overall wedding theme. Discuss any specific wants or requests in the beginning of your discussion, this way no one is left with hurt feelings about a life-long wish to ride in a Tesla that was never voiced.

Wedding Transportation Options from Limousine Livery

For more than twenty-five years, Limousine Livery’s wedding planning consultants have helped brides and grooms select the best options for their wedding. We know that your wedding is unique and deserves special attention. We boast a large Fleet of vehicles at both of our locations in Louisiana: New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Wedding Guest Transportation Options

Whether it’s to or from the wedding, your guests deserve to be driven by professionals who know how to handle high-capacity vehicles.

New Orleans - Wedding Transportation - 1
Limo Bus
  • 18 to 20 Passengers
  • CD Sound System
  • DVD Monitors
  • GPS Navigation & Tracking
Wedding Transportation New Orleans - 10
Mini Bus
  • 21 to 29 Passengers
  • CD Sound System
  • DVD Monitors
  • GPS Navigation & Tracking
Wedding Transportation New Orleans - 11
  • Seats Up to 55
  • Restrooms
  • DVD Monitors
  • CD Sound System
  • GPS Navigation and Tracking
Wedding Transportation New Orleans - 13
ADA Mini Bus
  • 20-26 Passengers
  • 2 Wheelchairs
  • Meets all ADA required safety standards.

Classic Transportation Options for Your Bridal Party

No matter the size of your bridal party, there’s always room for a bit of style. Our luxury fleet provides two types of Limousines:

Wedding Transportation New Orleans - 2
Stretch Limousine
  • 6 Passengers
  • Champagne Cooler and Glasses
  • DVD Player
  • LCD Monitors
New Orleans - Wedding Transportation - 6
Ultra Stretch Limousine
  • 8 passengers and 5th door
  • Champagne Cooler and Glasses
  • DVD Player
  • LCD Monitors

Specialty Vehicles For the Adventurous Bridal Party

First impressions are important. Our specialty vehicles speak to those who like to throw a good party and have fun doing it.

  • 15-20 Passengers
  • Cushioned Bench Seating
  • New Orleans Feel
  • Street Friendly
Wedding Transportation New Orleans - 7
Stretch Hummer
  • 8-10 Passengers
  • Champagne Cooler and Glasses
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Leather Interior

Getaway Cars for the Happy Couple

While you could choose from our entire fleet for your big getaway, we have a selection of luxury transportation options that will outshine any getaway car.

Executive Sedans
  • 1-4 Passengers
  • Leather Interior
  • Sleek Design
  • High-End Brand Names:
    • Tesla
    • Mercedes

Be Driven in Style with a Fleet of Options