7 Things You’ll Need for your New Orleans Wedding

Style and Detail: Your Day Your Way in New Orleans

So it’s peak wedding season here in the South: the weather is getting crisp (as it can get with all the humidity) and the venues are gearing up for a lot of New Orleans weddings starting in September and running all through ’til the end of December. If there’s one thing we know about weddings, especially down here, it’s that details can make or break the experience.

If you’re looking for a great party, New Orleans is one of the greatest backdrops to celebrate. We’ve compiled a list of some details to consider when planning your Big Easy style wedding.

7 Things You’ll Need for Your New Orleans Wedding

1. Personal Touches

From monogrammed second line handkerchiefs to ice sculptures to creative cakes to family recipes to photos, your wedding reception should be about focusing on what makes your relationship really shine: friends, family, good memories, fun and the promise of a great future.

2. Really Good Food

We’re the food capital of the world (just ask any local). Naturally, a memorable New Orleans wedding isn’t complete without:

  • Beignet Bar Buffet Style
  • Hors d’oeuvres Full of Flavor
  • Personalized Wedding Cakes
  • Favors that Bring New Orleans Home
    • Beignet Mix
    • Local Coffee
    • Tony’s and Tabasco or Crystal Sauce
    • Red Beans and Rice for The Day After

3. Creative Cocktails

Nothing says New Orleans weddings quite like a solid cocktail selection. Make a signature cocktail for the night (or several). Play up the flavor and fun with an entire bar menu made specifically by the bridal party. Keep the classics and go beyond. The options are endless.

4. Fun Lagniappe

Small lagniappe favors like custom tissues, parasols, and fans can really take care of your guests in those small moments we don’t always remember. And, since it might be a bit hot or humid for your wedding (especially if it’s an outdoor ceremony), a little lemonade or iced tea station with glasses would be a good way to make sure your guests are comfortable while they wait for the big moment.

5. Music, Music, Music

Dancing is a way of life in New Orleans. One way to bring that element to life for your big day is to feature a live local band. You can choose jazz, rock, eclectic, brass, or any of the amazing cover bands that play around the city. All you need to do is find a band that lets the good times roll, and then dance like nothing can stop you.

6. Photobooths and Instagram

While it’s great to have your photographers catching the finer moments of your wedding day, let your guests join in the fun! Create your own hashtag on Instagram, leave disposable cameras on the tables, get a photobooth with a large assortment of props, and keep the memories coming. You won’t regret it.

7. Custom Wedding Transportation

If there’s anything that we know most about at Limo Livery, it’s transportation. With over 30 years of driving the city of New Orleans where they want to go, we can say without a doubt that your wedding transportation is a big choice that will lead to big moments you’ll never forget.

From stylish stretch limousines to fun streetcars, Limo Livery has a large collection of transportation options for you on your big day.

Be Driven in style and check out our fleet!

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