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Making Luxury Transportation Affordable and On-Demand

Redefining and Customizing Transportation in New Orleans

Limousine Livery has been a local New Orleans business for the past 30 years, ensuring quality rides and a true luxury experience.

“You are driven and so are we.” These are the words we’ve lived by for years, making sure you have a reliable ride to your conventions, galas, concerts, and special events,  and if your team needs a timely transport to get to work, or the airport, we’ve been there too.

Luxury Transportation New Orleans
Efficient, Helpful, Loyal, Luxurious, these words have been our guide and inspiration to bring transportation to new levels in New Orleans.

Livery Car: the Next Step in Luxury

For the past two years, Limo Livery has been continuously working on the technology to make our luxury services available to more people.

We wanted a local solution to on-demand ground transportation. We wanted it to be user-friendly, mobile and reliable.

And we’ve found it in the Livery Car App.

Our very own Aaron Dirks speaks in-depth about how and why we’ve brought Livery Car to New Orleans in a recent interview with WWLTV.

“When we developed the technology [for Livery Car], we wanted to do it from our customer’s perspective. We wanted to connect our drivers with our customers in a personal, mobile way—through their cell phones.” Dirks and the rest of our Limousine Livery team worked with two local creative firms and another firm in New York to bring the Livery Car experience to reality. Through hard work and a lot of New Orleans creativity, we’ve been able to provide our locals an experience that is unmatched.

Livery Car App Outshines Uber

In a recent article seen in Biz New Orleans, Livery Car is the primary competition of another on-demand transportation service (Uber).

“There are a lot of advantages that we could provide as a local company that Uber could not. We have 150 local employees, an office that you can come and visit,” says Dirks in the article, “Most of the other limousine companies and transportation services do a lot of business for us on behalf of our customers, we are too big of a fleet, they are all joining our system and so our inventory of products is much larger, like 10 times larger so we are tough competition.”

5 Reasons Why New Orleans Should Be Driven By Livery Car

  1. We Offer Advance Booking

  2. We Offer Affordable Pricing (Flat Rate)

  3. We Ensure a Direct Line to Your Ride Dispatcher

  4. We Provide Reliable, Luxury Transportation

  5. We Take Perfect Care of Our Customers

If you’re in New Orleans and you’re looking for a reliable ride, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and check out the Livery Car App.

There are many roads we travel on a daily basis.

How will you Be Driven, New Orleans?