Limousine Livery Invests in Luxury

For more years than I care to admit, I’ve traversed this pot-holed city in a variety of beaters — unattractive, high-mileage cacophonous cars. Often, while stuck in traffic on Claiborne Avenue or Veterans Blvd, I’d muse about sitting in a luxury car, sipping chardonnay and serenely telling the driver, “Once around the park and home, James.”

Limousine Livery provides exactly that kind of luxury on a daily basis. Its clients do not spend time with directions, driving or parking to get to and from their destinations. Instead, they sit back, catch up on work, prepare a presentation or take a much-needed snooze.

Company owners, husband and wife team Aaron and Christy Dirks, run a fleet of 50 vehicles that includes sedans, limousines, SUVs, hybrids, vans, mini-buses and luxury motor coaches. Clients books rides to the airport, conventions, galas, concerts, funerals, weddings and special events and include oil and gas executives, politicians and film industry celebrities.

“You are driven and so are we,”

— Christy Dirks, Livery president.

Recently, the company doubled down on its ultra-luxury segment of its business with the acquisition of more than $2 million in vehicle purchases. The newest flagship vehicles in this class are two luxury motor coaches. Other new additions include a Mercedes S560, Mercedes GLS550, Mercedes Executive Sprinters, Tesla Model X, Lincoln MKT stretch limousines and Cadillac Escalades.

We always want to provide the highest quality we can to our clients. We know if we have the best vehicles and great employees the rest will all work out.”

— Christy Dirks.

The couple, who both went to The U.S. Military Academy at West Point and served in the Army, bought the thriving business in 2006. They have since expanded Limousine Livery to work with affiliates in order to provide clients with transportation in California, New York, London and Dubai. The business employs 115 people including detailers, chauffeurs and administration.

Limousine Livery also offers online reservations, electronic confirmations and receipts, up-to-the-minute flight monitoring, client web portals and detailed usage reporting to ensure that ground transportation planning is convenient and cost-effective. The company strives to create efficient, carbon-reducing plans for its day-to-day ground transportation, event logistics and corporate shuttles.

Aaron Dirks primarily handles sales and development, while Christy Dirks controls the company’s logistics.

We love working with one another,” she said. “We know one another, and we know how we deal with frustration and so we know when to back off.  We also trust one another, and we are working toward the same goals.”

According to Aaron, the best part of the couple’s day is their drive to work. And what do they drive?

“We drive whatever vehicle isn’t booked,” he said.

Source: | Author: Pamela Marquis