Genuine New Orleans Hotels

Off the Chart: The Subtle Finesse of New Orleans Hotels

This weekend marks the beginning of yet another great New Orleans phenomenon known as the Jazz and Heritage Festival. It’s Spring time in New Orleans, and it’s time to head down to the Big Easy to embrace the best culture this country has. Because it’s such a diverse city, with so many cultures coming together to create this overall idea that is “so New Orleans,” there is much to expect as the festivals come to town.

With the beginning of Jazz Fest comes a new wave of visitors to New Orleans looking for a wonderful place to stay. But, it’s not as simple as finding the “most expensive” or the “highest luxury” service hotel in New Orleans. Down here, luxury is defined by authenticity. We look to New Orleans Hotels to make us feel as if we’ve lived in the great city our entire lives. We want to feel like a resident, not a tourist.

When you’re not a New Orleanian, where could you stay that will make you feel like one?

 La Belle Esplanade

La Belle Esplanade

This little bed and breakfast has the perfect location for first time visitors of New Orleans. It’s not too far from the biggest areas of interest, but it’s also not too close to them either. Situated on Esplanade Avenue, this place is settled in a neighborhood that is truly New Orleans—crazy colored homes, nice people, a general feeling of home and this feeling of freedom to be whoever you are and that’s O.K. Bikes available for free, there’s a bus stop a few steps from the gate, taxi fares are rather low, and there are transportation service companies that are more than willing to take you around the city. This is a place of character and charm rather than a general hotel facility that focuses on the available rooms. This bed and breakfast focuses on your experience.

Five Continents Bed and Breakfast

Five Continents New Orleans Hotels

The Five Continents Bed and Breakfast was remodeled from a beautiful New Orleans Victorian home. It’s just minutes from the French Quarter and close to many of the best Big Easy attractions. For ambitious visitors, a walk to the French Quarter or down Esplanade to City Park could prove to be a great way to shake things up a bit. There are wonderful local restaurants in the area. This bed and breakfast shares the same neighborhood as La Belle Esplanade, so the sights and sounds are more local and less “tourist.” This location gives visitors a chance to make memories that don’t involve the usual hustle of the city. It’s all about the authentic experience: while it’s not the most modern of places, this bed and breakfast features comfy beds, a delicious New Orleans breakfast and refreshing conversations with other guests and Akko, the hotel’s dog.

Always Remember…

It’s important to remember that while New Orleans is a popular city to visit, it’s also a very local city. When you’re here, you’re family.

There are the big, national chains and they’re great. But, when you’re in a local-centric city, why not try something a little “out of the box” and give some of the local establishments a chance?

This weekend, when you’re basking in the sun and the music of Jazz Fest, try to take in the smaller part of New Orleans as well as the big, over-the-top aesthetics that this city is known for. Travel safely, and keep your eyes open for a good time and let the good times roll.