Lights, Camera, Luxury

For over 30 years, Limo Livery has offered high-end luxury and reliable transportation services to New Orleans and beyond. We can handle all of your luxury transportation needs in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Louisiana, Atlanta, New York, London and any other locations your might be shooting or need service.

Top-notch Clients, World Class Service

Limousine Livery is one of the most respected chauffeur services for film executives, actors, and crew members. With a sleek, black car, a clean ride, and impeccable customer service – Limousine Livery is the definition of luxury transportation. Our clients expect and deserve excellence so to us, every client is a VIP.

Based In New Orleans, our company was built on Southern hospitality and provides unmatched service. Whether you need a ride to your hotel, your premiere, or back to the airport, our professional chauffeurs are ready to welcome you.

Our Customer Service team is available 24/7.