Livery Car App Featured on WGNO

Limousine Livery’s Response to Uber

Local Transportation has been redefined once again in New Orleans. Our team at Limo Livery has worked for the past few years on a new technology to bring luxury rides to the tips of your fingers. You can now be driven throughout New Orleans: downtown, uptown, from the St. Louis Cathedral to anywhere you’d like. With our Livery Car App, you can be driven anywhere—now, tomorrow, next week, or any day of the year.

Even though our App Service is only offered in New Orleans right now, we plan to soon offer it to 300 cities worldwide.

News with a Twist Talks About New Livery Car App

WGNO’s News with a Twist explored the up-and-coming Livery Car app, interviewing our very own Aaron Dirks.

For the full video coverage, look below:


As seen in the video, Dirks explains how quality transportation is in our name.

Livery: A business that offers vehicles, such as automobiles, for hire.

We pride ourselves on giving quality service and luxury rides to New Orleans, and have been doing just that for the past 30 years. With our newest addition, getting around the city will be easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Our new Livery Car App lets you can plug in where you want to go, it gives you a rate, and includes a picture of your driver with an option to call him or her directly. You can also book a car in advance so if you need to be picked up in a few days or a week, the option is yours.

Transportation Apps from a Local New Orleans Limo Company

“You can call us. We’re a local firm. We got 100 employees sitting right here. You can’t call the competition and complain and ask for support,” says Dirks in the video. 

Because we’re local, the money you invest in your rides through the app stays within the city.

Choose your options, ride in style. You may even get a ride in a limousine at no extra cost.

“You have options to select an SUV or a sedan right now. You can either take it in town or if you need to go to the airport. However, since a third of our fleet is limousines of our 70 vehicles, you might have a limousine show up for you, as a complimentary upgrade,” says Dirks in the video.

When it comes to Transportation in New Orleans, we like efficiency with a personalized touch. Everyone should have an enjoyable ride to and from wherever they want to go. Those rides should be smooth and given with a smile.

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and check out the Livery Car App. How will you Be Driven, New Orleans?